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RSS Current Headlines

  • United Tech to Break Itself Into Three Companies November 26, 2018
    The industrial conglomerate has decided to separate itself into three independent companies, breaking apart one of America’s last industrial conglomerates.
  • Trump Tells GM to Open Ohio Plant and Stop Output in China November 26, 2018
    General Motors plans to cut up to 14,800 jobs and end production at certain plants, marking the auto maker’s first significant downsizing since bankruptcy as it tries to adjust to lower demand for passenger cars. President Trump said GM should stop making cars in China and make them in the U.S. instead, in an exclusive […]
  • Airbnb Hires New CFO From Amazon November 26, 2018
    Airbnb has hired another executive from, this time naming Dave Stephenson as chief financial officer of the vacation-rental portal ahead of its potential public offering.
  • Second-Tier Cities Boast First-Rate Job Figures November 26, 2018 Inc.’s decision to locate new headquarters in the New York and Washington regions highlighted an ongoing shift of economic might toward big coastal power cities. But second-tier cities are thriving, and by some measures they are doing even better than their bigger rivals.
  • GE Bonds Rebound as Bargain Hunters Swoop In November 26, 2018
    General Electric bonds rebounded sharply in recent days, easing some of the losses debt investors have taken as doubts about the conglomerate’s financial stability spread through financial markets.
  • Carlos Ghosn Was Too Powerful, Nissan's CEO Says November 26, 2018
    Nissan Motor’s chief executive told employees Carlos Ghosn had too much power as chairman, highlighting the tension welling up between the two men before Mr. Ghosn’s arrest a week ago. The fallout spread Monday as Mr. Ghosn was ousted as chairman of Nissan partner Mitsubishi Motors.
  • Lettuce ProducersPrepare Labeling Changes in Response to NewE. Coli Outbreak November 26, 2018
    Major U.S. lettuce producers are preparing to change how they label romaine lettuce as the latest E. coli outbreak shuts down the market for the leafy salad green.
  • It's Official: China's E-Commerce King is a Communist November 26, 2018
    China’s E-Commerce king, Jack Ma, was identified as a Communist Party member by the People’s Daily in a list of people credited with helping modernize China’s economy.
  • How a History of Discord Fuels Today's U.S.-China Trade Tensions November 26, 2018
    As President Trump and President Xi Jinping prepare for a summit meeting this week, their trade dispute recalls one from a quarter-century ago between China and the first Bush administration.
  • IBM CEO Criticizes Big Internet Platforms for Mishandling Customers' Data November 26, 2018
    IBM CEO Ginni Rometty attacked big internet platforms for mishandling customers’ data and endorsed some EU efforts to police the web.